The men who lost their lives in HMS Blean.
Sunk by U443 on 11th December 1942
some 60 miles off Oran.


P/SSX.17789 A.B. Timothy W. Atkins
C/MX.71291  Ldg.Ck.(O) (Ty) John Baines
C/JX.349879 Ord.Sea. Glyn Bannister
C/JX.353526 Ord.Sea. Maurice Barker
C/KX.92892  A/Ldg.Sto.(Ty) Joseph C. Barnes
C/MX.87075  Ass.Ck. William E. Beattie
C/JX.316747 Ord.Sea. Ernest Bilton
C/JX.141334 A/Ldg.Sea.(Ty) ReginalW. Bishop
C/JX.318967 Ord.Sea. Jack A. Bloomfield
C/LD.X5207  A.B. William H. Bradbury R.N.V.R.
C/JX.189704 A.B. Joseph Burke
C/JX.130433 A.B. Dennis C. Cannell
C/JX.353347 Ord.Sea. Ronald J. Cashman
C/JX.353349 Ord.Sea. Charles E. Castleman
C/KX.92318  A/Ldg.Sto.(Ty) William B. Cater
C/MX.94106  S.B.A. Victor G. Coan
C/J.97316     P.O.Tel.(Ty) Arthur P. Coleman R.F.R.
C/JX.312786 Ord.Sea. Leonard S. Collett
C/JX.289564 A/A.B. Thomas Connolly
P/SSX.17862 A.B. James P. Dennehy
C/JX.353381 Ord.Sea. Edgar G. Dunne
C/JX.201375 A/A.B. David H.W. Edwards
C/JX.293716 Ord.Cdr. Henry W. Evamy (KIA)
C/JX.129405 Ldg.Sea. Frederick Fellows
P/JX.275041 A.B. Jack Fielding
C/JX.160060 A/Ldg.Sea. Leslie R. Friend
C/JX.341178 Ord.Sig. Stanley Fuller (KIA)
C/NX.1312   Canteen Manager William C. Gilbert
C/JX.341180 Ord.Sig. Cyril H. Giles
P/JX.152380 A.B. Neil Haighton
C/MX.58134  E.R.A.1 George W. Hammond (Pensioner & L.S.G.C. Medal)
C/KX.121779 Sto.1. Jack Hards
P/JX.335010  Ord.Sea. Cyril R. Harris
C/JX.309061  Ord.Tel. Frederick G. Heath
C/KX.83389   A/S.P.O.(Ty) George W. Hellon
C/SS.119884  Sto.1. Percival W.Herring R.F.R.
C/JX.318883  Ord.Sea. Peter Howden
C/JX.260310  A.B. Alfred T. James (KIA)
C/JX.142432  P.O.(Ty) Walter Jenvey
C/SKX.158    Sto.1. Ralph Johnson
C/JX.308719 Ord.Tel. Walter M. Johnstone
C/JX.226431 Tel. John Jolly
P/JX.308909 Ord.Sea. Archibald Kay
C/JX.169226 A.B. Alfred Kirk
C/JX.278163 A.B. Henry Kirkby
C/J.102899   P.O.(Ty) Charles E. Kirkness R.F.R.
C/JX.252272 Sig. Geoffrey Kitchenside
C/JX.214732 A/A.B. William Lax
C/LX.21543  P.O. (O.S.) (Ty) William J. Leahy
P/JX.219818 A.B. William McArthur
C/MX.45507  P.O.(Ck) Charles C. McCourt
C/JX.249067 A/A.B. John W.M.C. McCreadie (KIA)
C/MX.95270  S.A. Donald A. Macdonald
C/KX.93743  A/Ldg.Sto.(Ty) Hugh Mcintyre
C/JX.318710 Ord.Sea. Kenneth Markwell
P/JX.328234 Ord.Sea. Joseph H. Marriot
C/KX.109515 Sto.1 Alfred May
C/JX.167664 A.B. Edwin F. May
C/JX.137656 A.B. Robert A. Middlemiss
C/KX.137399 Sto.1 William J. Miller
C/JX.356132 Ord.Cdr. Arthur Moore
C/JX.168251 A.B. Joseph Ovens
C/MX.61277 E.R.A.4 Douglas C.E. Palmer
C/JX.319433 Ord.Sea. William Patten
C/KX.80889  A/S.P.O. Horace Pearce
C/JX.316349 Ord.Sea. William Poole
C/K.54493    S.P.O. Herbert E. Pope
C/SSX.22279 Ldg.Sea.(Ty) Sidney S.Raven (DOW)
C/KX.145275 Sto.2 Albert C. Reed
C/JX.279117 Ord.Sea. Frederick M. Reeve
C/SSX.25592 A.B. Kenneth Reid
C/JX.350815 Ord.Sea. Alfred Ringrose
C/J.48293     A.B. George Roper R.F.R.
C/KX.145767 Sto.2 Stephen Sample
C/KX.81160   Sto.1 George W. Seaman
C/JX.215104  A.B. Frank Seely
C/KX.146410 Sto.2 Walter J. Sparshott
P/JX.210559  A.B. Reginald P. Still
C/JX.315286  Ord.Sea. Craven Stocks
C/KX.145858  Sto.1 Thomas F. Stocks (KIA)
C/MX.73443   E.R.A.4 Philip G.L. Sylvester
C/MX.57949   Sy. P.O.(Ty) Harry H. Tomlin
C/SSX.15606  P.O.(Ty) Joseph Turnbull (KIA)
C/JX.316398  Ord.Sea. Wilfred Walkden
C/JX.335199  Ord.Sea. Robert Wallace
C/KX.115054 Sto.1 John Walton
C/KX.76398   Sto.1 Henry A. Warren R.F.R.
P/JX.251757  A.B. Roland Williams
C/KX.145278 Sto.2 Patrick A. Wilson

The first Admiralty Casualty Communique noted that 6 ratings (as notated above)

were reported as Killed in Action, one rating reported as Died of Wounds (ditto)

and the remainder as Missing, believed Killed