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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
BruceCecil MBeatty DD-640F1c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
CrokeRobert JBeatty DD-640MM2c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
FloydJames VBeatty DD-640MM1c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
IsbellCharles EBeatty DD-640MM3c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
JoyceJohn MBeatty DD-640MM3c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
LeesJoseph WBeatty DD-640RM3c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
LemineJoseph VBeatty DD-640MM3c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
MooreErnest KBeatty DD-640CMM06/11/1943Killed in Action  
PachlCharles HBeatty DD-640MoMM2c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
Pellegrino Jr.Vincent JBeatty DD-640MM2c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
ReddenNorris HBeatty DD-640EM2c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
SandersonNorfleetBeatty DD-640MM2c06/11/1943Killed in Action  
 Displaying results 1 to 12 of 12