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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AlthoffJoseph F.Bristol DD 453F1c12/10/1943Killed in Action  
AmspacherEdward CBristol DD 453S2c12/10/1943Killed in Action  
AngioneFrank J.Bristol DD 453S2c12/10/1943Killed in Action  
AverillWilliam MBristol DD 453S2c12/10/1943Killed in Action  
BaileyFloyd WBristol DD 453Ck3c12/10/1943Killed in Action  
BaileyWardBristol DD 453S2c12/10/1943Killed in Action  
BarnesJack WBristol DD 453Y1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
BaxleyJoshua WBristol DD 453Lt12/10/1943Killed in Action 
BillettTaylorBristol DD 453MM3c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
BowdeyHartland RBristol DD 453Ens.12/10/1943Killed in Action 
BrewsterColumbus PBristol DD 453MM1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
DefluiterFranklinBristol DD 453WT2c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
DeveraHenryBristol DD 453FC2c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
DuboisWilfredBristol DD 453TM2c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
DunajStanley T.Bristol DD 453Bmkr1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
EdensBruceBristol DD 453MM3c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
FlanaganJohn JBristol DD 453MM1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
ForsEllis OBristol DD 453EM1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
GlazeElmer ABristol DD 453FC1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
HeidenrichCharles ABristol DD 453S1c12/10/1943Killed in Action 
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