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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
BOOKOUTALTON CPillsbury (DD 227)Lt02/03/1942Killed in Action  
BORISALPHONSEPillsbury (DD 227)MM102/03/1942Killed in Action  
BOROWICZ JOHN JPillsbury (DD 227)CEM02/03/1942Killed in Action  
BOUCHERARSEN LPillsbury (DD 227)MM202/03/1942Killed in Action  
BRANDTRUDOLPH OPillsbury (DD 227)COX02/03/1942Killed in Action  
BRENNANJOHN CPillsbury (DD 227)MM102/03/1942Killed in Action  
BRICKLEYROY LPillsbury (DD 227)MM302/03/1942Killed in Action  
BROWNDOUGLAS RPillsbury (DD 227)RM302/03/1942Killed in Action  
BRUBAKERJOSEPH HPillsbury (DD 227)YN202/03/1942Killed in Action  
CAMPBELLROBERT EPillsbury (DD 227)F202/03/1942Killed in Action  
CHRISTIEBURNARD SPillsbury (DD 227)CSM02/03/1942Killed in Action  
COTTENGEROD LPillsbury (DD 227)MM202/03/1942Killed in Action  
CRAIGRUSSELL HPillsbury (DD 227)F102/03/1942Killed in Action  
CULPEPPERJOHN EPillsbury (DD 227)QM102/03/1942Killed in Action  
DAVISHARVEY RPillsbury (DD 227)SM3C02/03/1942Killed in Action  
DIETRICH BLOOMFIELD APillsbury (DD 227)MM302/03/1942Killed in Action  
DRAKECHARLES VPillsbury (DD 227)S202/03/1942Killed in Action  
DROYPETER PPillsbury (DD 227)CBM02/03/1942Killed in Action  
DUNNCLARENCE PPillsbury (DD 227)S202/03/1942Killed in Action  
DUNNWALLACE PPillsbury (DD 227)MM302/03/1942Killed in Action  
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