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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
BurnsCharles JPope DD225SF3c27/04/1945POW (died of Pellagra & Dysentery)  
ColvinCecil gPope DD225Yn1c08/04/1945POW (died of Pellagra)  
DavisHoward E.Pope DD225Yn2c01/03/1942Killed in Action  
DwyerWilliam JPope DD225WT2c08/04/1945POW (died of Pellagra & Dysentery)  
FrameCharles MPope DD225RM1c23/03/1945POW (died of Pul.Tuber)  
GerdesHans H.Pope DD225S1c28/03/1945POW (DIED OF Amoebic Dysentery)  
GilbertRobert JPope DD225TM3c06/08/2010POW (died of Brain Conc.& Mult.Inj.)  
GilliansRobert EPope DD225S1c04/05/1945POW (died of Beri Beri)  
GoodEdward DPope DD225S2c25/04/1945POW (died of Dysentery)  
GrousseAlbertPope DD225S2c07/05/1945POW (died of Pellagra)  
GrushFred JPope DD225S2c11/04/1945POW (died of Maleria Dengus)  
HortonOtto FarrellPope DD225S1c27/04/1945Pow Fatal  
JohnstonPhillip RaymondPope DD225CFC11/05/1945Pow Fatal  
KirkWilliam APope DD225WT2c01/01/1970rept'd dead by cable  
KirkWilliam AlbertPope DD225WT2c18/12/1945rept'd dead by cable  
LarsonColemanPope DD225LCM1c01/01/1970Hospital.Sauerbaja fate unk.not listed POW  
LitchfieldA.J.Pope DD225GM2c02/05/1945POW (died of Beri Beri)  
MarinFrederick K.Pope DD225WT1c10/06/1945POW (died of Maleria,Beri Beri.)  
MonkHerbert WalterPope DD225F1c10/08/1942POW (died of Appendectomy,Pneu.)  
NightlingerI.C.Pope DD225F2c29/04/1945POW (died of Maleria,Malnutrition)  
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