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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
FIRSTCECILSamuel B Roberts-DE413STM1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GALLENINILEONARDSamuel B Roberts-DE413S2C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GOGGINSJ. C.Samuel B Roberts-DE413COX25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GONYEAMARTIN C.Samuel B Roberts-DE413PHM3C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GRAYJOHN R.Samuel B Roberts-DE413EM2C(T)25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GREENJOSEPH F.Samuel B Roberts-DE413S2C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GREGORYJAMES A.Samuel B Roberts-DE413S1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
GROLLERJOHN J.Samuel B Roberts-DE413GM3C25/10/1944Killed in Action  
GROVEFREDRICH A.Samuel B Roberts-DE413GWT(AA)T25/10/1944Killed in Action  
HAGGJUSTIN C.Samuel B Roberts-DE413MM3C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
HARRISWOODROW W.Samuel B Roberts-DE413S1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
HAUSMANDONALD N.Samuel B Roberts-DE413GM3C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
HOODENOCHSamuel B Roberts-DE413S2C25/10/1944Killed in Action  
KENSLERJACOB D.Samuel B Roberts-DE413F1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
KILBURNFREDSamuel B Roberts-DE413S1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
KNISLEYCHARLES E.Samuel B Roberts-DE413S1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
KUPIDLOWSKYCHESTER P.Samuel B Roberts-DE413F1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
KYGERSamuel B Roberts-DE413S2C25/10/1944Killed in Action  
LE CLERCQ IIIJOHN S.Samuel B Roberts-DE413LTJG25/10/1944Killed in Action 
LECCIJOSEPHSamuel B Roberts-DE413F1C25/10/1944Killed in Action  
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