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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AllardJohn ERowan DD405F1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
AntonelliRoccoRowan DD405S1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
ArchieMathis ARowan DD405CMM11/09/1943Killed in Action  
ArmstrongJamesRowan DD405StM2c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
AttingerFrank ERowan DD405B1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
AtwellCharles ERowan DD405S1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BassWallace ERowan DD405MM2c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BentGeorge CRowan DD405SF3c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BerardNaldor PRowan DD405S1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BergEdmund LRowan DD405S2c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BerriganWalter ARowan DD405F1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BessellLester RRowan DD405S2c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
Blair Jr.James WRowan DD405S1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BloomerFrank JRowan DD405RM3c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BoutinErnest JRowan DD405S1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BowenDonald VRowan DD405GM2c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BowmanMerle ARowan DD405FCM3c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BreitkreutzJulius ARowan DD405MM3c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BrowningLeslie ERowan DD405S1c11/09/1943Killed in Action  
BruceRobert VRowan DD405Ens11/09/1943Killed in Action  
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