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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
EllisJohn FrederickStuartA.B02/01/1940Died from acute Menigitis  
McKnightFrancis JamesStuartSto.31/01/1944Died (result of accident at Sea)  
MeredithVernon CharlesStuartC.P.O.25/06/1940Died(from falling from hotel window)  
RyceAllen SydneyStuartSto.07/12/1942Died (result of accident in boilerroom at Sea)  
Weir (MID)Clyde HerbertStuartL.Sea.11/06/1941Killed (in shooting accident)  
YoungEric JohnStuartSto.07/12/1942Died (result of accident at Sea)  
 Displaying results 1 to 6 of 6