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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
ABBOT JrJOHN RTwiggs DD 591Lt(jg)16/06/1945Killed in Action  
ABRAHAMSON ROBERT CTwiggs DD 591S1c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
ANDERSONCLAUDTwiggs DD 591CWT16/06/1945Killed in Action  
ANDERSONHOWARD LTwiggs DD 591CQM16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BARTONERNEST RTwiggs DD 591CBM16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BENOITLIONEL JTwiggs DD 591S1c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BETTISGORDON WTwiggs DD 591CSM16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BORELLIJACKTwiggs DD 591S1c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BRANDTJOSEPHTwiggs DD 591RM3C16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BREAUXARTHUR CTwiggs DD 591Lt(jg)16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BROWNCHECK John ThomasTwiggs DD 591S1c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BUCKLEYROBERT TTwiggs DD 591Lt(jg)16/06/1945Killed in Action  
BUSSALFRED ATwiggs DD 591MM2c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
CAPLETTEHENRY MTwiggs DD 591S1c28/04/1945Killed in Action 
CARPENTER BURDETT PTwiggs DD 591QM3c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
CARTERHERBERT ETwiggs DD 591RT3c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
CHANEY WARNER ETwiggs DD 591CRM16/06/1945Killed in Action  
COCHRANEGEORGE ETwiggs DD 591S1c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
COCHRANE JrJOHN ATwiggs DD 591FC1c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
CONLANEdward TTwiggs DD 591S2c16/06/1945Killed in Action  
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