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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AndersonJohn AlfredWorden DD 352EM3c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
BassLeland FloydWorden DD 352S1c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
BlueDon AveryWorden DD 352EM3c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
BrileyKeith LeonardWorden DD 352F1c12/01/1943Killed in Action 
KieserRobert WilliamWorden DD 352RM3c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
Musgrave Jr.Francis DeweyWorden DD 352S1c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
ReddemanWilliam FrederickWorden DD 352F1c12/01/1943Killed in Action 
SchultzLeo LesterWorden DD 352F1c12/01/1943Killed in Action 
SeltzStephen StanleyWorden DD 352S1c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
SenneHarvey JohnWorden DD 352S1c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
ShinaberyWillard EdwinWorden DD 352F2c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
WolshockJerome JosephWorden DD 352F3c12/01/1943Killed in Action  
WoodWoodWorden DD 352WT1c12/01/1943Killed in Action 
WrightJohn HarrisWorden DD 352S1c12/01/1943Killed in Action 
 Displaying results 1 to 14 of 14