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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AldersonAdam W WessexP.O.Sto24/05/1940MPK (bombed by German A/C)  
BrownLeonard RWessexP.O.Sto24/05/1940MPK (bombed by German A/C)  
CaisleyWilliamWessexSto.1.25/05/1940MPK (bombed by German A/C)  
KidneyJohnWessexP.O.Sto24/05/1940MPK (bombed by German A/C)  
MillerBenWessexL.Sto.12/11/1944Killed (bombed by German A/C)  
MurkettCyril GWessexSto.2.24/05/1940MPK (bombed by German A/C)  
PhillipsThomasWessexSto.1.24/05/1940MPK (bombed by German A/C)  
TaylorRonald AlbertWessexSig.14/01/1940Killed (in collision)  
 Displaying results 1 to 8 of 8